The Yoga of Trust: Foundations of Movement with Daniel Scott

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The Yoga of Trust: Foundations of Movement with Daniel Scott
THE YOGA OF TRUST: Foundations of Movement with Daniel Scott
FRIDAY 6th February 2015
6.00pm  – 9.00pm

Yoga is not about how it looks. It’s about how it feels. It’s about connecting muscle and bone, mastering breath, focusing the mind, and enjoying the challenge of sweat. There will be no chanting or talk of chakras. Expect vinyasa yoga with elements of cross-training taught with humor, wisdom, and fun! This is not just power yoga… it’s powerful yoga. This sets the perfect foundation for all movement, solo or partner. By learning to trust your own body, you will learn to trust others even easier.

Not all yogis are created equal. Daniel Scott is one of them.

Offering a fresh alternative to the traditional “yoga voice”, Daniel Scott’s classes are mix balance and improv, strength and flexibility, breath andbody. Daniel focuses strongly on moving into postures, not through them. A globally renowned ashtanga-vinyasa teacher and Certified Level 2 AcroYoga instructor, he enjoys barefoot running, street art, good coffee, large quantities, and great qualities. Deeply dedicated to sharing in the immense journey from self-conscious to self-aware, this yogi provocateur strives to answer the ever-present question: Are you moving, or being moved?

Where: YOGA GARAGE, Belair Community Centre;
1 Burnell Drive, Belair SA 5052

Cost: $60 ($30 if attending weekend workshop)

Bookings: contact Karen Gunter @ YOGA GARAGE

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0403 198964