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Yoga for Winter Wellness

Winter is upon us in full force; the sharp nip in the air and damp atmosphere can make it more tempting to snuggle by the fire (or in bed – early mornings can be a struggle!) with a warming beverage than to venture out for a yoga class. Like many things in life, however, self-care […]


Summer Yin: COOL & CALM

Join Karen Gunter for a delicious 2 hour Summer Yin practice Summer is an ideal time to honor the sun in all of its glory and acknowledge the infinite source of light within ourselves. In this gentle practice we will focus on the heart and large intestine meridians that run along the chest cavity as […]


Motoyama Meridian Exercises with Karen Gunter

Yoga, Fears, Yoga Garage, Beginners

Move every joint in every direction every day and maintain or even increase your range of movement and increase your chi – energy – prana & joy


JULY SCHEDULE 6th – 25th: join our exciting guest teachers and expand your practice

See our schedule for 6th – 25th July here Meet our guest teachers here Join Antonetta Russo, Samuel Grant and Tanya Bingham for classes at YOGA GARAGE