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In a quiet and peaceful studio located in leafy Belair, Karen Gunter teaches yoga classes with a personal touch. Classes are designed to build strength and increase flexibility, whilst calming the nervous system, and soothing and steadying the mind.

Join a class to build strength and increase your flexibility and wellbeing through mindful movement, becoming part of a community of like-minded souls. Feel nurtured and inspired by a practice with views over the treetops…

This is Yoga Garage.

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Karen Gunter is a yoga teacher, a local to Belair, and the soul of Yoga Garage.

Karen Gunter

She began practicing yoga in 1986 to help manage chronic knee pain and found that practice not only cured her of any pain, but also improved her overall physical and emotional health. Karen’s health goals are to continue a yoga practice which teaches her to be patient, understanding and accepting without judgement or expectation. Her personal yoga practice cultivates feelings of strength, light, and energy; these feelings are infused into her classes.

Believing that every student matters, Karen has helped students in the Yoga Garage community to work towards increased health and wellbeing of body and mind since the studio opened in 2009. Karen teaches Yin and Yang approaches in regular classes at Yoga Garage (Belair Community Centre).

In addition to her regular classes, she offers private classes for individuals and families in their homes, corporate workplace classes and runs weekend yoga retreats in luxurious locations around South Australia. She works with diverse groups, from assisting professional sportspeople to prevent injury and enhance their performance, to children from kindy to year 12 at Adelaide schools as well as weekly therapeutic yoga sessions for inpatients at Flinders Medical Centre. Karen believes that yoga is a gift for life – able to be practiced from 3 to 103!

“Yoga continues to be one of the many joys of my life and I feel privileged to be able to share my passion for yoga with others.”

As a local to the Adelaide Hills and small-business owner, Karen creates a supportive environment and sense of community.

“Our yoga community – students and teachers both locally and Australia wide, is a joy to be a part of.”

Her classes are infused with a personal touch, reflecting her commitment to teaching yoga that caters to the needs of the individual, respecting everyone’s uniqueness. With a background in nursing, Karen has a particular interest in the benefits of using yoga as therapy for those with depression and anxiety. She would love to provide yoga classes for teenagers at risk of mental health issues; by giving teenagers the “tools” to relax, de-stress, and feel good about themselves, yoga can be a means of embracing a more positive future.

Karen welcomes the opportunity to break down preconceived beliefs about yoga and finds that introducing someone to practice is a privilege and a joy. Karen looks forward to spreading her love of yoga to new practitioners of diverse ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

Karen Gunter Yoga Garage

Yin-Yoga, Slow Down, Winter Yin, Relax & RestoreAt Yoga Garage, yoga is for EVERY BODY

This is because yoga is more than just the physical activity of assuming poses (asanas); it is a way of life. Its philosophies are vast and all encompassing, spreading over thousands of years into the past. Yoga is one of the six fundamental systems of ancient Indian thought known as darasana, meaning “to see” or “point of view.” Yoga embraces this thought because it functions as a mirror with which we can look inside ourselves, see and recognise our inner self more completely.

Over time, yoga has gained many definitions. On the most simple level, it is a way to tie together the strings of the mind by focussing your attention the activity in which you are engaged and linking the breath with movement. Your mind has something to concentrate on while the body flows from asana to asana, soothing, steadying and strengthening.

Yoga gives us an opportunity to tune in with ourselves and practice self care, so begin a journey by taking the time to spend on your practice. Yoga will, if you let it, show you the way to listen to your inner voice, giving you the tools to control your life and how you react to the challenges it presents.

Yin, Yoga, Yin Yoga, Adelaide Yoga Retreats, Yoga GarageI’ve tried yoga before, but never stuck with a class. Why should I try Yoga Garage?

There are many ways to practice yoga and each teacher is unique. So, if you have been to a class before and didn’t enjoy it, this does not mean that yoga is not for you.

Classes at Yoga Garage give you a pause from the busyness of daily life. You will have the chance to check in with your mind, body and breath. You might even find a strength and calm you didn’t know you had – you’ll never know unless you step on the mat and give it a go!

What can I expect in my first class?

You can expect to tune in with your body, mind and soul. This means that you will learn to breathe consciously in a smooth and even way that strengthens the lungs, calms the nervous system and steadies the mind. Classes at Yoga Garage build strength and increase flexibility through mindful movement. Over time, you will maintain or even increase your range of movement and comfort – physically and mentally.

Importantly, you will feel nurtured and become part of our supportive and inclusive yoga community.

Do I have to be flexible to do all of the poses?

NO! In fact, the opposite is true. Regardless of your level of flexibility, yoga will help you to increase your strength and range of movement. We are all unique, so start where you are and yoga will meet you there. Yoga does not judge or discriminate.

Do I need to book in?

Yes. Have a look at the schedule, and click on a class that suits you. You may need to create an account if you haven’t done so already. 

Please note that there are both in studio and online classes available.

Please come along a few minutes early to your first class so we can meet and get settled ready for class.

What payment options do you offer?

You can pay for your casual class or multi class pass via online purchase. Click here for details.  

yoga class in downward dog, breathe in, breathe out, repeatAshtanga 

Ashtanga Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic practice which develops strength, concentration, and flexibility. With a focus on breath awareness, postures (asanas) flow smoothly from one to the next, building internal and external heat. By synchronising the breath with progressive poses, Ashtanga increases circulation, creates a light and strong body and calms the mind. 

A regular practice is required before joining us for this one. 

Yang Flow 

Yang Yoga takes the Vinyasa approach of linking together breath and movement; this connection is central to Karen’s practice and teaching. Its meditative quality calms and soothes the nervous system, whilst quietening and steadying the mind. A Yang practice helps to build strength, support joints and improve posture. It helps to create comfort and freedom when moving, sitting and laying. 

Suitable for all levels- build more heat by opting in for more, or take it easy by choosing less. 


Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice and the classes are slow, cool, and supported. The focus remains on creating positive change in the fascia, ligaments, and joints. By creating space and comfort in the body, Yin Yoga paves the way for better digestion and more restful sleep. An all levels class, 

No experience needed. 


A flowing practice guided by the breath, creating a moving meditation experience. Definitely a good way to balance strength, flexibility, breath and mindfulness. Finish class with a calming relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. 

Suitable for all levels – build more heat by opting in for more, or take it easy by choosing less. 

Gentle Yoga 

Maintain Strength, Mobility & Balance. This all levels class is perfect for beginners and yogis looking for a slow flow. Catering for your individual needs, our Gentle Yoga will include breath work, standing postures and a chance to release, relax and surrender into deep calm with a delicious relaxation to finish. Making time to press pause and breathe deeply is something we need now more than ever. Yoga and meditation help us to feel steady even in the midst of turbulence.

A practice for Every Body including Beginners. 

Yoga Kids 

Teaching children to care for their bodies with awareness, giving them the tools they need to relax. With their sense of wonder, desire for knowledge and great physical flexibility, young children are natural yogis. Yoga helps children of all ages develop a greater respect for themselves and others. Children learn; concentration, focus, self- awareness and self-control while also improving flexibility and motor skills. Relaxation and breath awareness techniques help manage stress and anxiety.

Yoga is non-competitive. During classes children are encouraged to honour their own uniqueness and not compare themselves to others.

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Yoga Garage is located in the Belair Community Centre

Tune in, breathe in, breathe out, repeat.....

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