Why Practice Yoga?

Why Practice Yoga?

What types of people do yoga? What brought you to this practice? Why do you keep stepping on the mat?
All types of people do yoga – young and old, short and tall, slim and large, stiff and flexible, men and women. I started youngish (18), to help manage chronic knee pain.
We all come to yoga for different reasons.
Some people come because they are injured and can’t do their normal training (and soon discover how wonderful the practice is), many people come to ease depression and anxiety, some people come to yoga so they might build strength (that was me), of course people come to lengthen out tight and short muscles.
In short yoga appeals to:
Athletes: enhancing their performance and minimizing risk of injury.
Students: increasing focus, decreasing stress and anxiety.
Parents: Hey – kids are stressful sometimes (yes let’s admit it…. ) This practice can help parents embrace the patience & understanding needed and also connect to a sense of self – some time to spend just on them. (we do need to fill the bank – not just empty it)
Community: A sense of community or belonging is a basic need along with shelter and food.  Being a part of a regular yoga class can give us a sense of community and belonging. We share in the challenges and the joys of practice together and feel closer because of that shared experience
Sufferers:  Back pain? Trouble sleeping?  Anxiety?  Depression? Hip pain? Headaches?  Low energy? These are just some of the reasons that we find ourselves on the mat. Often people come to yoga to help fix some type of physical pain, but also energetic or mental disturbance or imbalance.
What health benefits are there for people doing yoga both in the short and long term?
Short term – even one yoga class is better than none.  We take the opportunity to actually take notice of what’s happening in our body. Maybe even learn tools to help us in daily life. To be accepting, patient, kind, to think and act without forceful action – and maybe even stretch out and build strength as well!
Long term – All that and more! Our bodies and minds become resilient – strong, flexible, aware. Our joints remain in better shape – more fluid and lubricated, our immune system is stronger, digestion is improved (dis  – ease in the digestive system can express itself as disease in the body), we sleep better – which restores all of our bodies systems.  Our brain is sharp, focused and uncluttered.
Why do you step on the mat? Share your experience with us in the comment box below


Fear of Farting & Other Obstacles to the Yogic Path

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Is a FEAR of FARTING preventing you from trying yoga?

We can probably relate at least to the fact that one barrier or another stopped us from getting to a yoga class…..maybe you haven’t stepped on the mat yet….Let’s explore some common obstacles in our path to yoga bliss….
  • Fear of Farting: BELIEVE IT! This is a common fear – known as “F.O.F.” You know – it doesn’t really happen all that often in class, and if you happen to pop off – don’t stress about it! It’s natural, we all do it – hey, a regular yoga practice will ease any bloating and aide digestion thereby helping to alleviate excessive wind.
  • Fear of Judgement: Too skinny/large, stiff/tight, old/young. We can tend to worry about what we’re not rather than embracing who we are right now. Yoga helps us overcome our negative internal voice and accept who were are in the present moment.
  • No Time: How many times have you said ” I’d love to come to yoga, but I’m just too busy”? True, we do lead busy lives! But have you considered that taking an hour out of your day to step on the mat will help increase your focus, calm your mind, help you sleep, boost your immune system – just to name a few benifits. In fact you might even feel like you have MORE time in your day!
  • Fear of not fitting in or keeping up: Most yoga teachers are kind & understanding, encouraging their students to practice in a non forceful way. This creates an accepting and safe environment where you will be able to practice to your level – regardless of experience. Hey – we’re not synchronized swimmers! It’s OK if you go a bit slower or even a bit faster if that’s what you need to do. If you turn up to a class that has a drill sergeant style yoga teacher and it doesn’t suit you – DONT GO BACK! But don’t give up on yoga – there’s a teacher out there for everyone
  • Don’t want to get locked in: Maybe you’re concerned that you’ll have to commit to a term or annual fee? Many Yoga studios offer casual classes. Keep and eye out for free community classes too!
  • Fear of Partner Work: For the most part, yoga is an individual practice, giving us time to check in with ourselves on our own little “magic carpet”. If this is something that you just don’t want to deal with – let your teacher know from the outset – this way it gives your teacher the information she/he needs to create a comfortable and safe environment for you.


We may have only touched on some of the fears that prevent us from stepping on the mat. What are your fears? I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message here

DANIEL SCOTT, World-Infamous Yogi, ADELAIDE WORKSHOPS: 6th 7th & 8th February 2015

Yoga Garage hosts Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott – World-Infamous Yogi
Adelaide Workshops
February 6th,7th & 8th 2015

Daniel Scott,-infamous AcroYogi
3 days 3 workshops
6th 7th 8th February

Join us at YOGA GARAGE for some AMAZING workshops with International Yoga teacher Daniel Scott Yoga
Offering a fresh alternative to the traditional “yoga voice”, Daniel Scott’s classes are mix balance and improv, strength and flexibility, breath and body. Daniel focuses strongly on moving into postures, not through them. A globally renowned ashtanga-vinyasa teacher and Certified Level 2 AcroYoga instructor, he enjoys barefoot run-ning, street art, good coffee, large quantities, and great qualities. Deeply dedicated to sharing in the immense journey from self-conscious to self-aware, this yogi provocateur strives to answer the ever-present question:
Are you moving, or being moved?

The Yoga of Trust:
Foundations of Movement with Daniel Scott
Yoga is not about how it looks. It’s about how it feels.
It’s about connecting muscle and bone, mastering breath & ocusing the mind,
Expect vinyasa yoga with elements of cross-training taught with humor, wisdom, and fun!
This is not just power yoga… it’s powerful yoga.
This sets the perfect foundation for all movement, solo or partner. By learning to trust your own body, you will learn to trust others even easier.
Friday 6th February, 6pm—9pm @ YOGA GARAGE

find out more here

AcroYoga Master Sessions:
Style & Flow with Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott, world-infamous AcroYogi provocateur, is coming to Adelaide for the first time! This mad scientist does things a little differently, so prepare to gain a whole new perspective. Beginner or beyond, the same rule applies: In order to get good, you’ve got to get better. Edges will be pushed and polished. Bases will fly, flyers will base, and everyone is going to learn to spot high-level awesomeness!
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February
10am – 1pm & 3pm – 6pm BOTH DAYS

find out more here

Friday only: $60

Saturday only: $120

Friday & Saturday: $150

Friday, Sat & Sun: $280

                               Bookings: Karen Gunter ph: 0403 198964 email: yogagarage.com.au                                 YOGA GARAGE, 1 Burnell Drive, Belair

YOGA GARAGE end of year PARTY: Thankyou for a wonderful year of practice

Yoga Family

Imagine you have a passion that supports you through all of life’s ups and downs, helps you to feel strong, healthy, happy & content, it calms and soothes you & energises you at the same time.

This passion also brings the most amazing and wonderful people into your life, some students, some teachers, friends……

Now dare to imagine that your “job” is to share this passion with others.

This is my life 😀

I feel extremely grateful that I get to share my passion: yoga with others and that so many of you are willing to come and practice with me (because without you – I’d be on my own!)

As a way of celebrating a year of joyful practice together we will have a party at the end of last class for 2014. Please join me either for class and then party after – or just come to party!!!

When: Saturday 20th December 10.30 – 11.30am (yoga practice) 11.30am – 1pm  (PARTY TIME)

Where: At Yoga Garage of course! Belair Community Centre, 1 Burnell Drive, Belair

What to bring: YOURSELF – feel free to bring a little plate to share or something to play with eg. hoola hoops, juggling balls, your AcroYoga skills or anything else you might think of