Yummy red lentils

Yummy Masoor Daal

Nourishing Masoor Daal: Quick to make and easy to digest The cool Autumn weather this week has me reaching for one of my old favorite recipes! The first time I had this daal was about 10 years ago during a cooking workshop with Kester and Nadia from Mudita Insitute. It’s been a cold weather favorite […]

Mothers Day Yoga

Mothers Day Yoga

We LOVE ❤ MOTHERS, after all, how could we pass up an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women that made us! Our MOTHERS DAY YOGA will be a fun filled class suitable for all ages and abilities Whether you’re bringing yourself or your mum, daughter, best friend, wifey, grandma or any other woman in your […]

Garlic and Spinach Soup with Poached Egg

I just love soup, not only is it simple and nourishing, it has so many wonderful memories for me. My Italian grandfather: Orlando Rosadoni, was the most skilled soup maker I have ever come across. “Grandpa soup” as we would call it may have been a simple clear broth with carrots and potatos, or a […]

Fermenting for Happy Hormones

Fermenting for Happy Hormones Join us on Saturday 24th October from 12.30pm – 2.30pm at YOGA GARAGE  Kirsty Wirth from Kultured Wellness will be back at Yoga Garage with a special hormone balancing master class. Did you know that a lot of your hormones are made in your gut and that the food you eat […]