Come join in this high flying weekend of acroyoga fun. Suitable for all levels, learn to flip, fly, spin, and play in a fun new way. No matter what your experience is you will be challenged in a way that is appropriate for you. We will be starting at the basics, disecting movement and body […]

GET UPSIDE DOWN: Inversion Masterclass with Kaelyn Rogers

GET UPSIDE DOWN & explore the world from a new perspective. We will explore inversions from a safe and in depth perspective, looking at how to protect our bodies through strengthening and alignment. We’ll explore variations of HEADSTAND, FOREARM STAND and HANDSTAND, as well as begin using partners to make the process different and more […]

Why Practice Yoga?

Why Practice Yoga? What types of people do yoga? What brought you to this practice? Why do you keep stepping on the mat? All types of people do yoga – young and old, short and tall, slim and large, stiff and flexible, men and women. I started youngish (18), to help manage chronic knee pain. […]

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Fear of Farting & Other Obstacles to the Yogic Path

Is a FEAR of FARTING preventing you from trying yoga? We can probably relate at least to the fact that one barrier or another stopped us from getting to a yoga class…..maybe you haven’t stepped on the mat yet….Let’s explore some common obstacles in our path to yoga bliss…. Fear of Farting: BELIEVE IT! This is […]