Yin Roll & Release – Full Body Therapy Ball Massage Workshop

Self Massage Workshop
Yin Roll & Release: Full body therapy ball massage workshop with Deanne Kong

This workshop will teach participants techniques to give themselves a full body massage just about anywhere, anytime, using official Yoga Tune Up brand therapy balls.

Do you:

  • Have muscle tension from overuse or poor postural habits?
  • Run out of time to book a massage when you really need one?
  • Not look after your own body enough because of financial constraints?

This workshop will show you Yin Yoga techniques and Roll Model® therapy ball methods to release tension through the whole body. We will release fascia through the upper body (face, neck and shoulders, chest and arms, abdominals), upper and lower back, and lower body (glutes, legs and feet). This is perfect for anyone carrying tension around their neck and shoulders from posture, work stress, sports and new mums, and those with sore backs and legs from training for winter sports.

Learn to

  • Release knots and trigger points to instantly relieve tension
  • Use long hold stretches (yin yoga) to further release the myofascia
  • Learn a complete, whole body massage from head to toe that you can use to “tune up” and maintain your body

Why the Yoga Tune Up brand therapy balls?

These rubber balls are designed specifically for massage – the rubber yields to mold around bony prominences, they also grip (unlike a tennis ball) to allow for grab and shear around the tissue and fascia layers, and they responsive having both spring and give with body weight and pressure. Balls can access precise trigger points and navigate hard to reach tissues at the joint junctions better than a traditional foam roller, and are a portable travel companion to keep you pain free on the road.

We will use Yoga Tune Up balls as a massage tool as well as yoga props to support us through this practice, which can be made as gentle as you wish. I will have a variety of other equipment on hand for those that prefer a gentler (or firmer) option. Students that find floor therapy ball work painful will have the option to do techniques against the wall, which allows the student better pressure control, or using softer balls.

Our session will end with a 20 minute yoga nidra meditation to leave you floating in bliss after your full body massage experience.

“My name is Stewart. I am the least flexible participant in your yoga class today!! Cyclist with thigh/glute strain. Thanks so much for today’s class. While not wanting to overstate it, my body and post the class, my mind, felt liberated after doing Yin. I have enjoyed all your classes, but the Yin today was just the tonic,
Kind regards
Stewart Caust” (Therapy Ball/Yin class participant – Jan 2017).

“I bought massage balls a few months back and had been playing about with them. However, once I was in Deanne’s class I realised that I was only using them to a fraction of their potential! She explained everything very concisely and made it easy to follow where the balls should be placed. I learned lots of new techniques and feel the confidence to use them everyday in my own practice. Thanks so much Deanne! Xx” – Claire Nisbett, October 2017

“I have weekly massage for chronic pain, learning how to do it myself or even paying to come to a workshop each week would save me money. It also means whenever I have a flare I can treat myself” – Sarah, December 2017

“After completing the Therapy Ball Workshop I felt amazing! As a Massage Therapist I have attended a few similar events but this one really excelled. I was impressed with the content in the workshop and how it was demonstrated to be done at home in your own time. Deanne presented the workshop beautifully and I would completely recommend you invest in your body and experience one of her upcoming workshops” – Kristy Jenkinson, September 2017

Please note that workshops tickets are not refundable but are transferable to another guest.

$40 2 hour workshop
$35 (BYO Yoga Tune Up ball)
$60 workshop + Yoga Tune Up ball
We will end our massage with a yoga nidra session for a full relaxation experience.


?Wear loose, comfortable clothing/gym gear, no yoga experience required. Check out the Facebook event for updates.



Meet our teacher: Deanne Kong
Join Deanne Kong at YOGA GARAGE for a 2 hour Yin Roll and Release Workshop. A dedicated teacher and practitioner with over 20 years of experience and Adelaide’s first Roll Model® Method Practitioner this workshop is not to be missed!

About Deanne
Deanne combines her anatomy knowledge from her career as a health professional, as well as her massage training and over 20 years of yoga experience to create yoga sequences for athletes, utilising therapy ball work to release trigger points and knots. She works with several sports teams as well as holding regular Therapy Ball and Yin Yoga workshops for the general public to teach students techniques that they can easily do at home. Deanne is one of 3 Australian Roll Model® Method certified practitioners, authorized to use the Roll Model® brand methods and products. She also loves the vigorous practice of Ashtanga yoga, a practice she has been dedicated to for over 10 years and teaches beginners courses in this style of yoga.