Fear of Farting & Other Obstacles to the Yogic Path

Is a FEAR of FARTING preventing you from trying yoga?

We can probably relate at least to the fact that one barrier or another stopped us from getting to a yoga class…..maybe you haven’t stepped on the mat yet….Let’s explore some common obstacles in our path to yoga bliss….
  • Fear of Farting: BELIEVE IT! This is a common fear – known as “F.O.F.” You know – it doesn’t really happen all that often in class, and if you happen to pop off – don’t stress about it! It’s natural, we all do it – hey, a regular yoga practice will ease any bloating and aide digestion thereby helping to alleviate excessive wind.
  • Fear of Judgement: Too skinny/large, stiff/tight, old/young. We can tend to worry about what we’re not rather than embracing who we are right now. Yoga helps us overcome our negative internal voice and accept who were are in the present moment.
  • No Time: How many times have you said ” I’d love to come to yoga, but I’m just too busy”? True, we do lead busy lives! But have you considered that taking an hour out of your day to step on the mat will help increase your focus, calm your mind, help you sleep, boost your immune system – just to name a few benifits. In fact you might even feel like you have MORE time in your day!
  • Fear of not fitting in or keeping up: Most yoga teachers are kind & understanding, encouraging their students to practice in a non forceful way. This creates an accepting and safe environment where you will be able to practice to your level – regardless of experience. Hey – we’re not synchronized swimmers! It’s OK if you go a bit slower or even a bit faster if that’s what you need to do. If you turn up to a class that has a drill sergeant style yoga teacher and it doesn’t suit you – DONT GO BACK! But don’t give up on yoga – there’s a teacher out there for everyone
  • Don’t want to get locked in: Maybe you’re concerned that you’ll have to commit to a term or annual fee? Many Yoga studios offer casual classes. Keep and eye out for free community classes too!
  • Fear of Partner Work: For the most part, yoga is an individual practice, giving us time to check in with ourselves on our own little “magic carpet”. If this is something that you just don’t want to deal with – let your teacher know from the outset – this way it gives your teacher the information she/he needs to create a comfortable and safe environment for you.


We may have only touched on some of the fears that prevent us from stepping on the mat. What are your fears? I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message here