The Fuzz Speech (why movement makes us feel so good)

What is fascia? and why does yoga makes us feel so good?

Gil Hedley posted a video on YouTube about fascia (watch it below) in 2005, way before we started talking about things like deep fascia or myofascial release.

In my first yoga teacher training, although we had a wonderful anatomy teacher, our learning focussed on muscles and joints….. but what about fascia?

Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. This tissue does more than provide internal structure; fascia has nerves that make it almost as sensitive as skin. When stressed, it tightens up.

Although fascia looks like one sheet of tissue, it’s actually made up of multiple layers with liquid in between. In fact it’s like a super highway for hydration in the body. It’s designed to stretch as you move. But there are certain things that cause fascia to thicken and become sticky. When it dries up and tightens around muscles, it can limit mobility and cause painful knots to develop.

In his video, Hedley talks about fuzz or fascia. He explains that lack of movement in our body leads to the solidifying of our tissues or less mobility around our muscles, which some people wrongly refer to as “aging”. On the other hand, stretching and moving our bodies hydrates and keeps that fascia loose, therefore “healthy”.

The Fuzz Speech answers questions like: “Why do I wake up in the morning feeling so stiff?” “Why does stretching feel so good?” Above all, it is a call to action. A call to movement.

Stretching our fuzz is what keeps us mobile and feeling good. We can deal with it through yoga or any type of exercise that allows us to use our full range of motion.

So, the moral of this story??? KEEP MOVING!

Yoga for Seniors: Maintaining Strength, Mobility & Balance

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Movement for Healthy Aging Classes

Yoga for Healthy Aging
Maintain Strength, Mobility & Balance
This class is suitable for older adults who want to proactively manage the challenges of aging, protect themselves from injury, and feel more relaxed and confident. 
Our focus will be to build and maintain strength, mobility and balance in the body whilst calming the nervous  system and steadying the mind, leading to better sleep and improved digestion.

Ten Good Reasons to Practice Yoga

  1. Yoga is for everyone: young or old, male or female, healthy or sick. Yoga can always be adapted to your individual needs, whatever your circumstances.
  2. Even if you are facing many challenges in your life, it is easy to start doing yoga and you will experience instant benefits, such as stress relief. Furthermore, once you begin to practice regularly, yoga will help you live your life with renewed positivity and enthusiasm.
  3. Yoga is safe. When practiced properly (with an awareness of your physical limitations) it is a completely harmless form of exercise.
  4. Yoga needs no special equipment. While there are a few props that might make your practice more comfortable, the only thing you really need in order to do yoga is you.
  5. Yoga both tones the respiratory system and helps you to breathe more fully, deeply and easily (thus increasing your oxygen intake), which in turn, will improve your physical and mental wellbeing.
  6. Yoga improves the efficiency of your body systems, aiding digestion, the assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.
  7. Yoga improves the quality of your sleep so that, when you wake up, you feel refreshed and full of vitality.
  8. Yoga gives you energy and helps you channel your energy effectively so that you don’t waste it on tension, stress and negativity.
  9. Through practising yoga techniques, you experience a genuine sense of outward tranquillity, which eventually helps you to achieve a deep state of inner peace too.
  10. Yoga is FUN!


  • Wear loose, comfortable & stretchy clothes that enable you to move easily. Remove your watch and any jewellery.
  • Go barefoot – this gives you a sense of close contact with the ground and allows the muscles in your feet to operate freely.
  • It is best to practice on an empty stomach, leave at least 1.5hours after a meal before coming to practice. (If that’s not possible – have something light & easy to digest)
  • A yoga mat is helpful but not essential; you may like to bring a towel or a blanket.
  • Yoga is not supposed to hurt! You must be constantly observant and mindful of how you are feeling during class. If you feel unsettled or exhausted during your practice, perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard. Be a little kinder to yourself.


How to Join

Anyone is welcome to join the class.  If you have questions about your fitness to join or are worried about anything, contact Karen on 0403 198 964 or get clearance from your doctor.
When: Wednesdays 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm from 9th May – 6th June
​Where: Yoga Garage, Belair Community Centre, 1 Burnell Drive, Belair
Cost: 5 week course $70 (casual classes can be arranged, contact Karen)

Mothers Day Yoga

Mothers Day Yoga

We LOVE ❤ MOTHERS, after all, how could we pass up an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women that made us!

Our MOTHERS DAY YOGA will be a fun filled class suitable for all ages and abilities

Whether you’re bringing yourself or your mum, daughter, best friend, wifey, grandma or any other woman in your life, this class is for you!

This class will include partner yoga and thai yoga massage

Stay for a cuppa and bliss balls after class!

Sunday 13th May, 10:00am – 11:00am 

YOGA GARAGE Belair Community Centre, 1 Burnell Drive, Belair


Mothers Day Yoga
Bring your mum, daughter, wife, grandma for a fun and nourishing yoga practice together

Yoga for Winter Wellness

Winter is upon us in full force; the sharp nip in the air and damp atmosphere can make it more tempting to snuggle by the fire (or in bed – early mornings can be a struggle!) with a warming beverage than to venture out for a yoga class. Like many things in life, however, self-care is not something that should remain hidden away over winter.

Those who drive a car will be all too familiar with the maintenance and services required, starting with the simple tasks that you do yourself, like refilling with petrol and checking tyre pressure. However, small details – like a rattling noise, unusual smell, or warning light that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try to ignore it – require expert assistance from a mechanic. Out of necessity, we have the work done. You might be wondering what this discussion of car maintenance has to do with yoga. Other than being the means of getting you to and from class, it might not seem relevant! Yet, there are countless similarities between the human body and the modern car.

Everyday life is increasingly hectic, with many of us fitting more and more into each day. It is worthwhile considering that we may be more in tune with our electronic devices and cars than with our bodies. For a minute, think of your body as your car. Niggling aches, pains and stiffness, irritability, anxiety and insomnia are the human equivalents of the rattling noises and warning lights in your car when something is not right. For how long would you ignore these signs in your car, whilst the problem potentially worsens? A week? A month? A year? Most probably, you would deal with the problem as soon as time and money allowed. The same goes for your body; even small symptoms are your body telling you that it is time for a service.

Scheduling regular time out is essential for overall wellbeing. Take the time to “tune up’ your body as you would your car, keeping it running smoothly. After all, your body is the vehicle that enables you to show love for family and friends, dream, work for your goals, and achieve!

Yoga can help to alleviate physical symptoms; aches, pains and stiffness may be overcome by gentle stretching and movement. Even more importantly, the classes at Yoga Garage help you to connect with your body and your mind, enabling you to identify your body’s unique needs and capabilities.

So… brave the cold and come along to a class where you can practice in a heated space, overlooking the misty Adelaide hills. Afterwards, make the time for that warming drink and nourish your soul with time spent with friends or reading your favourite book. Like your car, your body will soon tell you what it needs, and you will hear it.


Join Karen Gunter for a 2-hour Yin Yoga Wellness Workshop to open your body, mind and heart so you can let the winter months fuel you with goodness.


Thursday 20th July, 6:30-8:30pm

Nunyara Chapel, 5 Burnell Drive, Belair, South Australia