Adelaide AcroYoga Master Sessions: Style & Flow with Daniel Scott

Adelaide AcroYoga Community hosts Daniel Scott at YOGA GARAGE
Adelaide AcroYoga Community hosts Daniel Scott at YOGA GARAGE
AcroYoga Master Sessions with Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott, world-infamous AcroYogi provocateur, is coming to Adelaide for the first time!

This mad scientist does things a little differently, so prepare to gain a whole new perspective.

Beginner or beyond, the same rule applies: In order to get good, you’ve got to get better. Edges will be pushed and polished.

Bases will fly, flyers will base, and everyone is going to learn to spot high-level awesomeness!

The Elements of Style: Get GOOD
Weekend Session 1: Saturday

The Master Sessions will grow organically. Foundations of balance and connection will be established. Bone-stacking redefined. High-level spotting skills honed. Beginners to Acrobatic Movement will be challenged. Intermediate and advanced practitioners will also burn with satisfaction.

Focus: Exploration of partner movement through gravity, weight distribution, and partner connection.
Skills Tested: Smooth entry/exit into/out of fundamental positions in pursuit of higher-level flow, Anatomical Balancing, Proprioceptive Acuity.

Don’t know what any of this means? Good. You will!

You should be able to base or fly these moves:

The Fundamentals of Flow: Get BETTER
Weekend session 2: Sunday

You’ve gotten good. You’re getting better. Now it’s time to GET AWESOME! This session focuses on the finer details of creative collaboration through shared movement. We’ll work on high level flows, washing machines, and transitions, as well as daily calibrations to keep your high-performance engines running smooth.

Suggested pre-reqs:

Not all yogis are created equal. Daniel Scott is one of them.

Offering a fresh alternative to the traditional “yoga voice”, Daniel Scott’s classes are mix balance and improv, strength and flexibility, breath and body. Daniel focuses strongly on moving into postures, not through them. A globally renowned ashtanga-vinyasa teacher and Certified Level 2 AcroYoga instructor, he enjoys barefoot running, street art, good coffee, large quantities, and great qualities. Deeply dedicated to sharing in the immense journey from self-conscious to self-aware, this yogi provocateur strives to answer the ever-present question: Are you moving, or being moved?

When: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th February 2015
10am – 1pm & 3pm – 6pm BOTH DAYS

Where: YOGA GARAGE, Belair Community Centre;
1 Burnell Drive, Belair SA 5052

Cost: $230 (early bird) $250 (after Dec 31st)

Bookings: contact Karen Gunter @ YOGA GARAGE you can view the event here

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0403 198964