Mothers Day Yoga

Mothers Day Yoga

We LOVE ❤ MOTHERS, after all, how could we pass up an opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women that made us!

Our MOTHERS DAY YOGA will be a fun filled class suitable for all ages and abilities

Whether you’re bringing yourself or your mum, daughter, best friend, wifey, grandma or any other woman in your life, this class is for you!

This class will include partner yoga and thai yoga massage

Stay for a cuppa and bliss balls after class!

Sunday 13th May, 10:00am – 11:00am 

YOGA GARAGE Belair Community Centre, 1 Burnell Drive, Belair


Mothers Day Yoga
Bring your mum, daughter, wife, grandma for a fun and nourishing yoga practice together

Reflections of a Yogi

Yin-Yoga, Slow Down, Winter Yin, Relax & Restore
  • The sky is clear and the air has the freshness of a perfect autumn morning as I walk to
    the Belair community centre for Easter Slow Down with Karen from Yoga Garage. I
    feel slightly apprehensive because my experience of yoga, thus far, has been somewhat
    mixed. I have always hoped to feel the connection of mind, body and spirit that many
    people describe as a benefit of yoga; however, I have not yet found the type of practice
    that meets both my physical and spiritual needs.
    A handwritten sign at the door welcomes all yogis and bids us to “come in and breathe,
    let busyness melt away and SLOW DOWN.” It’s a timely reminder that I am here to
    relax, restore and rejuvenate mind and body. I am further reassured by Karen’s warm
    smile. Her simultaneous passion for and approach to yoga make me feel instantly that
    this is where I am meant to be right now.
    We start by gently stretching each joint. My mind is busily collecting information about
    my surroundings. It takes in: the brightness and airiness of the space; the soft music
    playing in the background; the chirping of the lorikeets and the hum of the traffic; the
    scent of essential oils mingling in the air. As is usual for me, my imagination flies at top
    speed; it lights on small details for a moment before blending them to create various
    narratives. Yet, my thoughts gradually slow as I enter and hold each pose. Karen
    describes how thoughts, like the foods we eat, are nourishment for the body. Yoga, too,
    is a form of nourishment and this Yin practice aims to strengthen the lungs and digestive
    system for the coming season.
    I breathe, feeling tension where I did not know it was held. While the sun streaming
    through the windows casts an ethereal light across the room, it lacks the warmth it
    promises and goose bumps rise on my skin. Unfortunately, I have already used my
    blanket as additional padding beneath what I soon realised was a pathetically thin mat
    bought with aesthetic more than pragmatism. Karen seems to sense my discomfort and I
    feel her gently drape a blanket over me – the beauty of Yin yoga being that its long-held
    poses may be held beneath a blanket and with the body supported by various props.
    The session lasts for two hours; yet, I lose all sense of time passing and we transition
    into the final pose: savasana. Lying on my back with my legs supported by a bolster and
    the comforting weight of the blanket over my body, this is seemingly the easiest and
    most relaxed pose. However, I am acutely aware of pain in my lower back, the bright
    light and my mind returning to busyness. Again, Karen intuitively provides exactly what I
    need: an eye mask, with a woody, sweet scent. I let myself relax into the moment.
    By namaste, I feel a curious combination of rejuvenation and fatigue. This may be
    because yoga encompasses physical and spiritual work; although, further practice is
    required for me to test this hypothesis. Regardless, I feel calm and settled, nourished
    and supported. This could be the beginning of something beautiful.
    Genevieve Seys
    Genevieve is a resident of Belair who has recently discovered the healing potential of yoga.
    When she is off the mat, she is a freelance editor who helps business professionals to deliver
    their content with style and precision.
    Find her on Facebook or contact:
  • Yin-Yoga, Easter Slow Down, Autumn Yin, Relections of a Yogi
    Reflections of a yogi:
    My Yin Yoga Experience

YOGA GARAGE end of year PARTY: Thankyou for a wonderful year of practice

Yoga Family

Imagine you have a passion that supports you through all of life’s ups and downs, helps you to feel strong, healthy, happy & content, it calms and soothes you & energises you at the same time.

This passion also brings the most amazing and wonderful people into your life, some students, some teachers, friends……

Now dare to imagine that your “job” is to share this passion with others.

This is my life 😀

I feel extremely grateful that I get to share my passion: yoga with others and that so many of you are willing to come and practice with me (because without you – I’d be on my own!)

As a way of celebrating a year of joyful practice together we will have a party at the end of last class for 2014. Please join me either for class and then party after – or just come to party!!!

When: Saturday 20th December 10.30 – 11.30am (yoga practice) 11.30am – 1pm  (PARTY TIME)

Where: At Yoga Garage of course! Belair Community Centre, 1 Burnell Drive, Belair

What to bring: YOURSELF – feel free to bring a little plate to share or something to play with eg. hoola hoops, juggling balls, your AcroYoga skills or anything else you might think of